Saturday, July 21, 2012

When You Think That You're Alone (entry for Colorado shooting victims)

When you think that you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow.
When you shed a tear, I’ll stop you from sinking so low.
The light, you can follow.
Together, you can fight the demons and make it through the grief.   


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hear My Voice (the vid)

This poem and video is sort of melancholy but it's heartfelt and it has a positive message behind it.

Poem: Hear My Voice
Poem by: Lena Holdman
Song: "Miss Invisible"
Song by: Marie Digby 

(I do not own the rights of the music or pictures)

Hear My Voice  

You look at me but you don’t see me.
You speak to me but you talk down to me.
Have you ever felt like a prisoner in your own body?
Have you ever had a crowd stare at you with humiliating pity?
I have a soul that yearns, a heart that beats, a mind that thinks,
but you only notice the legs that don’t work, the chair that I’m bound in, the speech that is slurred!

I’m a person too,
I’m sick and tired of being overlooked,
You will hear my voice,
I won’t be ignored,
Why must I be ignored?

I like being different,
Why do you have to be ignorant?
This is me,
Why can’t you accept it?
Why can’t you be my friend?

I’m a person too,
I’m sick and tired of being overlooked,
You will hear my voice,
I won’t be ignored,
Why must I ignored?

You will hear my voice,
It’s my right and choice,
I won’t ever be ignored,
Because I’m a person too.

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Lena's Music Vid

I made a music video with random pictures just for fun. I was feeling creative. (:
Song: I Must Not Chase the Boys
Artist: Tata Young
Pictures From: Photobucket

(I do not own the rights to the music or pictures)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wonderland Camp, June 2012


Last week I went to Wonderland Camp. It was a hot, fun, incredibly adventurous week. I saw my old friends Dustin, Scott, Faith, Angie, Mary, Morgan, Aaron, Hope, Ashley, Dawn, Lena (yes, there was another Lena in my cabin), Colleen, Toby, Al, and Alena.  I also made new friends Katie, Ellen, Jennifer, Cole, Jade, and Victoria. Along with the awesome camp counselors, there were also new volunteers this year. Most of them were very nice but one was less enthusiastic about camp; (I won’t say the name). I hung out with the nice ones anyway. On Sunday, we had the pool party. The water was ice cold but it was fun. Beach balls were flying and Toby brought out the water guns. Everyone was goofing around, getting soaked. It was so much fun!

On Monday, we had Rec, Nature, Arts and Crafts, and Game Room in the morning. In Rec, we got on the field and kicked around soccer balls. I was actually good at kicking. I almost kicked a ball in a goal. In Arts and Crafts, we tie-dyed our camp shirts. I made mine red and blue with a spiral. In Nature, we went up into the tree house and told stories. I like it in the tree house. It’s cool to look down and see nothing but green. In the game room, I just hung out and listened to the jukebox.
Later that afternoon, it was pool time. I went on the splash pad. The splash pad is like a mini water park with all types of sprinklers and hoses. They ran me through it while I sat in a shower chair. It was a blast!  I became obsessed with the splash pad and went there during pool time for the rest of the week.
On Monday evening, we had karaoke. I danced and hung out with Dustin, Scott, Cole, and Faith. I also sang Avril Lavigne’s “Don’t Tell Me”. The night rocked! I love my camp friends!! 

On Tuesday, we had Nature, Music, and Game Room. In Nature, we had a treasure hunt and walked down a trail. The trail seemed never-ending but it was great. The wooded, rocky area that we were in reminded me of a colorful, magical forest from one of my fantasy stories. In Music, we sat underneath the parachute and sang camp songs. With everyone from my cabin under it, it looked like a big but crowded circus tent. Then in the game room, I played a computer game.
Later that evening, we had a movie night. We watched a movie called “Heavyweights”. It was about some kids who go to fat camp and have to stand up to the mean camp director. It was funny, just a cute Disney movie.  I ate the popcorn too for once.  It tasted delicious.

On Wednesday, we went to the water front in the morning to ride the boat. The boat ride was bumpy and relaxing. I almost dozed off again. Then on the way back to the cabin, I had a slight mishap. My back wheel fell off and lost its screw. I was not happy at all but they fixed it.
Later that afternoon, we had Arts and Crafts and Music. In Arts and Crafts, we painted wind chimes. Then we got to draw anything that we wanted. I drew pictures of witches and Freddy Krueger. I’m strange, what can I say? In Music, we practiced for the talent show.
Later that evening, it was the talent show. There were a lot of entertaining skits and songs. For our group talent, we did a skit where we acted like we were on “America’s Got Talent”. Three of us were the judges, while some of us danced, some of us sang, and some of us played instruments. I sang in the skit. For my individual talent, I read a poem that I wrote called “Unmask the Witch”. I like reading my stuff aloud at camp. I’m less nervous and it’s fun. I always love the talent show but this year there was the most hilarious skit ever! Two campers had a pretend wedding. The bride danced down ‘the aisle’ and Toby acted as ‘the minster’. Goofy Toby started ‘the ceremony’ with “When I think of marriage, I think of Donkey Kong…”   Their pretend vows were like, “Promise to sit by each other at meals…Promise to dance at the dance.” Then they exchanged fanny packs and hugged. Everyone was laughing so hard.

On Thursday, it was open activities. In Nature, we shot BB guns. I shot a BB by myself once. I didn’t hit the target but it felt cool to pull the trigger on my own. In Music, we learned some new dances. In Beauty Shop, the girls got ready for the dance. I got my nails painted purple and my hair spiked up into a Mohawk. I wore a white and black top, my favorite pair of skinny jeans, my black shoes, and dark make-up.
Later, after a cool candlelit dinner, the dance started. Lights were twirling and music was booming throughout the dinning hall. I danced with everyone but the one dance that I’ll always remember is the one with Scott. With help from Faith, he took me out of my chair and slow danced with me. We danced as our friends watched and took pictures. This might sound dorky but I felt like a princess for a few moments. I don’t get to slow dance often so that was very special to me. Scott, you’re such a good friend. Thank you. The dance was amazing!

On Friday, it was awards. I got the “Cool Sunglasses Queen” award because I traded sunglasses with Dustin and I always wore them. Then after awards, we played bingo. Scott helped me. When my parents got there, Scott and Dustin walked with me to my cabin and hugged me goodbye. Last week was wonderful. Though Fridays are bittersweet, I know that Wonderland Camp will always be there. The next time that I’m there, I’ll have even more adventures.