Monday, August 19, 2013

Wonderland Camp, August 2013

Last week, I went to Wonderland Camp and as always, I had a blast! I saw my old friends: Michelle, Victoria, Alena, Jason, Kortney, Taylor, Kristie, Jeff, Ben, Brad, Dustin, Kayla S., Kayla W., Mary, and Morgan. I also made some new friends: Jeffrey, Brittany, Mandi, “Herbie”, Crystal, and Sara. On Sunday, We had a pool party. It was ice cold but Kortney and I went in anyway. Herbie and Michelle were so sweet and tried not to let us get too chilled. The camp wasn’t as busy with people as before but it still had the welcoming feeling that I love. I was so happy to be back.

On Monday morning, it was very stormy. I was watching the rain and in my Edward Cullen loving mind, the camp reminded me of cloudy Forks like in Twilight, which was sort of cool. What can I say? I have a vivid imagination and I love those books. For the most of that morning after breakfast, people napped but Kortney and I had our own fun, talking and coloring.

Later that day, the sun finally came out and we went to Crafts. We tie-dyed our shirts. My shirt had a splattered design. Michelle splashed every color on my shirt with her hand. It looked so cool and unique. Then that afternoon, my cabin hung out in the tree house. I love it up there. Because it’s so high, it always feels like I’m flying and the view is incredible. Listening to music, we played Truth or Dare and other games. We even ate dinner up there. We all had a relaxing time.  

For the evening activity, we had a movie night. My cabin went to the movie with our pajamas on and I put soda in my water bottle so I had something sweet to drink. We watched “Night at the Museum”.  I’ve watched that movie a dozen of times (most times probably at camp) but it was cute. After the movie, my cabin went on a scavenger hunt to get our snack. It was quite an adventure. Who knew that camp could get that dark? Using our flashlights, we went all over camp up to the tree house. Kortney got lost in the dark once and laughing, I lit a path for her with my flashlight.        

On Tuesday morning after breakfast, we had pool time. Kortney and I just laid our chairs back and tanned by the pool. The sun was warm and soothing while we sipped on drinks (me with my remaining coffee and Kortney with her Dr. Pepper). Later that day, we had Rec and Crafts. In Crafts, we had a choice of making scarecrow, or a snowman, or a ghost (because that week’s theme was “all holidays”). I chose to make a ghost and Kayla S. helped me. I drew a scary face on it, which made Kayla and I laugh. In Rec, we had mummy races. We got wrapped with toilet paper and we had to run across the field. It was so funny. Some paper fell over my eyes and I had to tear it off of my face while I was racing. Then after the race, we just played soccer.

During the evening, it was karaoke. Everyone was excited to sing. I sang Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. Then I danced and hung out with friends.  There was also people dressed as clowns outside, face painting and making balloon animals. Michelle got me a purple balloon dog.  It was a fun night.

On Wednesday morning, we took a hayride through the woods, down to the water front.  At the water front, we rode the boat and as always, the bouncy waves rocked me to sleep on Kortney’s shoulder. Later that day, Michelle and I hung out in the game room and listened to the jukebox. We were singing and acting goofy.

Then that evening, the talent show started. Brad was hilarious when he pumped up the crowd. It was impossible not to cheer or smile. In the show, there were a lot of hysterical, adorable skits, where a camper ‘married’ a counselor and Brad conducted ‘the ceremony’. (I wish that I’d thought of that a couple of years  ago, lol). For my talent, I sang Britney Spears’ “Lucky”. I also sang Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take the wheel” with Sara and Crystal.  The talent shows are always entertaining.

On Thursday morning, we just hung out mainly. During breakfast, they told me that I had a “surprise” coming. I had a hunch that Joe was visiting but they wouldn’t tell me until lunchtime. He got there at nap time while I was hanging out outside. I was thrilled to see him! I gave him a big hug, dropping my pen and journal that I was holding.  Brittany and Kortney were laughing because I couldn’t stop smiling. We talked throughout nap time and he had everyone outside cracking up. He stayed for dinner and of course for the dance.

For the dance, I wore a black and white top, my favorite pair of skinny jeans, my favorite pair of black shoes, and I had my hair spiked. When the dance finally started, Joe drove me to the dining hall. He spun me in circles, the colors of the bright lights blurring together and my stomach being tickled from the inside.  Singing, he also took me out of my chair and danced with me, which was awesome! I was grinning from ear to ear. I’ll never forget it. I spent the whole night with him. The night was downright amazing!!

On Friday, it was bittersweet. Even though I was exhausted, I didn’t really want to leave. The week had been such fun and it was great to see my friends. I didn’t want it to end but I knew that Wonderland Camp will always be there for me to make more memories. I’ll be back in the fall and new stories will be told.