Thursday, October 10, 2013

beyond Imagination


Beyond Imagination 

On a dark Halloween night, under a blood moon, I’m deep in the woods, dancing madly with the most evil of creatures. Zombies with their slimy, rotting flesh crave for human brains, as they move aimlessly in circles. Being only shadow figures, faceless demons whisper alluring, deceitful promises, as they waltz about. Vampires twirl seductively, their sharp fangs bright, as they call out for their victims. Dark sorceresses and sorcerers with their long, red, flowing robes conjure up the depths of Hell, as screaming wraiths hover above us.   

The evil then spreads beyond the woods, beyond imagination. Jason Voorhees decapitates a group of local campers with his great, lethal machete. Haunting her nightmares, Freddy Krueger slashes tiny Alice’s tummy, disemboweling the innocent sleeper; all the while Chucky the doll is asking all of the little kiddies to come out and play, luring them to their graves.

Why is an ordinary, harmless woman like me associating with such evil? You better look again. Do you see my eyes? They are glowing hellish red. Do you see my smile? It is a wide, soulless, Jack-o'-lantern-like grin. Now look closer. Do you see the huge butcher knife that is dripping blood in my hand? This is the part where you run feebly, where you scream for help but no one comes. It’s no use. I will get you, gut you like a fish, hang you in a nearby tree, and continue dancing madly, as your body decays. 

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2013

Happy Halloween! ;-) 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wonderland Camp, Fall 2013

Last weekend I went to Wonderland Camp and I had a blast! I saw my old friends: Chelsea, Brandi, Alena, Dustin, Brad, Angie, Ben, Morgan, Ann, Kortney, and Jason. I also made new friends: Cookie, Brooke, Gianna, and Mindy. When I first got there on Friday, we watched the movie ‘Up’. It was cute as always. After dinner, we had a campfire. The fire was very bright and smoky in the night air. We sang camp songs, told silly, “scary” stories,  and Dustin sang and played his guitar. Then, we had s’mores. They were all kinds of gooey, chocolaty goodness.

On Saturday, it was raining cats and dogs. After breakfast, we had inside activities. Being silly, Cookie and I chased Brad around the dining hall. It was so hilarious! :) Then, we did crafts. I painted a pumpkin and made a paper, three-eyed scarecrow.  We also had face-painting.  I had my whole face painted like a zombie with fake scars and blood. It was very cool.

Later, at rest time, I laid in my bed for once but Chelsea and I were texting and calling Scott, bugging him. Everyone in my cabin was laughing. Then, after snack, back in the dining hall, Dustin made up a game called Karaoke Roulette. We picked a random track and without knowing what song it was, we sang it. It was quite funny and ironic when I got a Jonas Brothers’ song, considering I think that they’re a poor excuse for a boy band, lol :) . While I was still hanging out in the dining hall, Scott surprised me and came to visit me with his friend. I was so happy to see him. He stayed for dinner.     

After dinner, the dance began. I wore my favorite purple top, black Mary Janes, and skinny blue jeans. I also wore my favorite glittery, purple eye shadow and red lipstick. The dining hall was filled with balloons and the technicolored lights were spinning, as the music was blasting through the camp’s old speakers. I danced with Brad, Cookie, and other friends. I also loved twirling, making myself dizzy and tickling the inside of my stomach. The night was amazing!

On Sunday, it was time to go home. Last days of camp go way too fast. I was hanging out with Brad after breakfast and before I knew it, Mom and Dad arrived. Last weekend was awesome!! I can’t wait for next summer and fall to see all of my friends! Wonderland Camp will always be on the top of my list of splendid places.