Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Happened To Jeremy Sumpter?

One of my favorite movies is Peter Pan (2003 movie version). I’ve seen recent pictures of Jeremy Sumpter, who played Peter and I was surprised. Back then, I had a slight crush on him because he played Peter Pan but now he looks very, very grown up and hot! I started wondering what happened to him after 2003 so I did some research. 

First, in 2004, he acted on the CBS series clubhouse as Pete Young, a teenage bat-boy for a New York major league baseball team. 

In 2005, he then took a very mature role in the Lifetime movie, Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life as Justin Petersen, a sixteen-year-old who gets an extreme addiction to online pornography that ruins his life. I know, it’s shocking, a real, real departure from Peter Pan but he was very good (I watched clips of it).

After that, he acted on the NBC series Friday Night Lights as J. D. McCoy from 2008 to 2010. He also co-starred in the movie Soul Surfer in 2011 as Byron Blanchard, the brother of the professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton who’s a victim of a shark attack. 

He appeared in an episode of CSI: Miami as well as the boyfriend of a girl whose parents are murdered.

Jeremy has done a lot other things since the days of being Peter but he’ll always be Peter Pan to me. It’s the kid in me. I could watch Peter Pan over and over again. I like his new look though.