Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Think Tink! Enjoy the weekend, cherish the simplest things. :) 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Charter Dropping KMOV?

Charter is giving another reason for people to hate them. On the official KMOV web site, it says, "By law, cable companies must negotiate in good faith with television stations before dropping the TV stations’ signals. KMOV has been trying for months to get Charter to negotiate seriously. But Charter has been too busy trying to get the government to approve mergers worth $64 billion to worry about keeping KMOV on its lineup in St. Louis. Those mergers will make big-cable Charter even bigger – four times bigger! It will be one of the largest cable companies in the world.

If Charter does not reach an agreement to carry KMOV, KMOV’s programming will not be available on Charter systems after April 30, 2016. Charter will drop all of KMOV's top-rated programs, including News 4, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, The Amazing Race, Survivor and 60 Minutes." 


If this does happen, it'll be ridiculous! If you live in St. Louis, you're bound to watch KMOV (channel 4) from time to time. Now I'm happy that my grandma doesn't have cable because most of her favorite shows are on KMOV. Charter, get your act together! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Update (Everything's good)


How's everyone? I'm great. I'm just doing my own thing, watching reruns of Criminal Minds. :) I know that there were some concerns about my "Message For the Haters" entry last week, people thinking that I was being bullied. Well, I'm here to put those concerns to rest. I am NOT being bullied. I am NOT upset. Yes, someone was harassing me but I took care of it right away. The harasser CAN NOT contact me anymore. These kind of things just happen on social media unfortunately and that's why the blocking option was invented. I WAS NOT 'reaching out for help' when I wrote the Haters entry. I was only venting. I handled the situation before I even wrote the entry. Thank you for the concern. I love you all but everything's good.

Smooches :) 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Just Feelin' Happy

I'm just feeling happy today. I'm relaxing at home. I slept in. Then I spent the day, reading, writing, coloring, adding songs onto my itunes, and watching SVU. It's nothing fancy but simple things in life are awesome! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Message for the Haters

This is for the haters who had been nitpicking and judging me online for the things that I've done in the past. Someone (I won't name names) added me on Facebook just to tell me how selfish and horrible I am for something that I did back in November. Are you kidding me?! Am I suddenly back in high school, being surrounded by pathetic bullies and rivalries? I'm not perfect. No one is. I apologized over and over for this crappy decision that I made in November. I know that there were hurt feelings and trust broken because of this. I still deeply regret hurting a person that I cared about. No one should be betrayed like the way that I betrayed the person. An awesome bond was severed but I've learned my lesson. I have to try to move on now. I don't need anyone to message me about this mistake. What do you accomplish exactly by rubbing it in the face? Does it help the hurt person? I'm at a point in my life where I don't even care if people like me anymore. If you like me, cool. If you don't, okay. I'm not fretting about it so if you have a problem with me, here's an idea; don't contact me! 

Thank you. :) 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Question Time!

❥ Single? Yes
❥ Crushing? No
❥ Favorite food? Taco Bell
❥ Favorite color? Black and Purple
❥ Favorite Music? All
❥ Favorite singer/artists? Britney Spears, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, Nsync, Litte Mix, Taylor Swift, P!nk, All Time Low, Misfits, Hilary Duff
❥ Talents? Writing
❥ In love? No
❥ Hobbies? Reading, Writing, Drawing
❥ Gamer? Yes
❥ Swag/emo/scene? Scene
❥ Long/short hair? Short
❥ Height? 5'3
❥ Jacket/Hoodie? Hoodie
❥ Eye color? Brown
❥ Hair color? Brown
❥ Shirt color? Black
❥ Jeans or shorts? Both
❥ Get married? Never
❥ Have kids? Never
❥ Get divorced? Never
❥ Ever or still do wet the bed? Yes
❥ Daydream? Yes
❥ Thought of food? Yes
❥ Someone you love? Family, God
❥ Someone you hate? No one
❥ Dream job? Author
❥ Got tattoos? No
❥ Got piercings? Ears
❥ Worst day of your life? Jan. 11th, 2006
❥ Best day of your life? When I go to camp
❥ Biggest fear? Spiders
❥ Biggest insecurity? My speech

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What She Will Never Admit

What She Will Never Admit

She misses him so
but he'll never know. 
She'll hide her heart, bury it. 
She feels like hell 
but she'll never tell. 
Her eyes are burning with tears 
but she refuses to let it show. 
She'll just force a smile, 
She'll just let him go. 
Walk away, stand tall.
His love will be nothing but a far away fairy-tale, a fable; 
An once upon a time.
Back when she was his beautiful princess, 
instead of the hideous adulteress.

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2016 

This is just a sad love poem that popped in my head last night. It was the girl's fault that the relationship ended and I'm describing all of her feelings that she hides. Love doesn't always have a happily ever after.