Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wonderland Camp, July 2010 (Week 9)

Going to camp has always been a fun adventure and this year was no exception. I saw some old friends like Caitlin, Ashley, Marcus, Gaylemarie, Toby, and Lynn, but I also met some new friends like Dustin, Brooke, Faith, Joe, and Lois. Sunday began with an interesting start. It was very stormy and dark. Then, as I’m listening to a screamo song with Caitlin on her ipod, the tornado sirens were blaring. Everybody had to go in the bathroom for a while until it was clear. It was sort of fun and exciting to be honest. Caitlin and I were joking around.  Later after dinner, we had karaoke night. I sang “Piece Of Me” by Britney Spears and then goofed off with Brooke, Joe, and Louis.

On Monday, we went to waterfront and rode the boat. Because it was so relaxing, I was dozing off and on. Then we went to Crafts and tie-dyed our camp shirts. My shirt was red and green. After the tie-dying, we went to Nature and played a quiz game. Music was then next. We learned new cute camp songs. Later, waiting for dinner, we also went to the game room. After we ate and before movie night, I played basketball with Joe and Lois. I was dodging the ball as always, but I had fun. Then we went to the dinning hall and the movie for night was Night At The Museum 2.  It was so funny.

On Tuesday, we went to Crafts again and painted. Nature was second and we made flower cups. Music was third and played limbo and parachute games. Finally, after rest time, we went swimming. I swam with Caitlin for a while, then with Joe. He was spinning me around and acting silly. For an evening activity, I decided to hang out in the game room. Brooke and I were writing random, poetic things on the back of coloring sheets. Dustin was musician and songwriter. He saw what I wrote on one of my sheets and loved it. He wanted to turn it into a song, so we collaborated on it. It felt awesome that someone noticed something that I wrote.

On Wednesday, we went swimming and I swam with Brooke. Then we went to Rec, blowing bubbles and Crafts, making bead jewelry. Music was afterwards and we practiced for the talent show and danced. Later that evening was the show. For the group talent, my cabin and PHA danced to “Shake It” by Metro Station. Wanting to do something different for my individual talent this year, I read a poem that I wrote earlier that day and Caitlin helped reading. Everyone seemed to really like it. All the acts were entertaining and sometimes extremely hilarious.

On Thursday, we had Nature and shot BB guns. Then we had Rec and we played bowling. After Rec, we just hung out and had Beauty Shop, getting ready for the dance. We did our hair, nails, and make-up. My hair was curled but was down, my nails were painted purple, and Caitlin put purple eye shadow and dark red lipstick on me. Finally, after dinner, the dance began. I wore my black and purple strapless tank top with my skinny jeans and black shoes.  Just to be cute, I met Joe at his cabin and he escorted me into the dance. All of my friends danced around me, the lights shined like stars, the music boomed, and it was a magical night. Then, later that night, after everyone was suppose to be in bed, Caitlin decided to scare me as a prank. She hopped on my bed and yelled my name, waking me up. I jumped out of my skin and my eyes were the size of golf balls, but we both laughed. It was priceless.

On Friday, we got awards. I got the Gossip Girl Award because I knew everything that went on at camp. We watched the camp video and played a little Bingo, but then I just hung around camp. I hung out at Joe’s cabin until Mom and Dad picked me up. I’ll never forget this week. So many cool things happened.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Give A Girl A Break!

I don't want to sound like that crying Britney Spears fan on YouTube, but LEAVE MILEY ALONE! She's 17, growing up. Let her be rebellious for a while. Let her have a more mature look and sound. Yes, she's being sensual, but she isn't going overboard. Give her a break! She's trying to find herself.

Becoming A Fan Of Green

Along with purple, red, and black, I'm beginning to really like the color green. I don't know why. It's just been pretty to me lately. Yay green! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for all of the blessings in my life. Thank you for everyone’s health and safety. I just want to pray for those who are lost, sad, or in pain. Let them know that they aren’t alone and give them strength to make it through. Guide them. Let your love be a comfort.
In Your Holy Name,

Words of Encouragement

Don’t give up on love, don’t give up on humanity, anyone can get a happy ending.
Don’t hide in a shell, don’t let your heart be lonely, there is still compassion.

Missing Girl Found Unharmed (Thank God)

The kidnapped girl was found at a Fenton car wash at midnight last night, unharmed.