Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty Mccreery: the 2011 American Idol

Scotty won Idol last night and I was ecstatic! He became my favorite after James Durbin, who should've been in the Top 2, got kicked off. Scotty is a good country singer and such a sweetheart. His single "Love You This Big" is a darling song. I'm probably going to ask my sister to download it off of i-tunes soon because I love it so much. Yay Scotty!!!  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi everyone,

How are you? I just want to give you an update. I've been studying and writing off and on (though I keep on getting writer's block). I've been writing Part 2 of the Impairy Story. I think that after this online class that I'm slowly taking, I'll write the impairy story all day and night. I just need to focus one day and not get on Facebook :) . Last Friday, I went to Mrs. "Grandma" Allen's retirement party. She was my high school teacher and we call her Grandma because being in her classroom felt like going to your grandma's house (baking cookies and love). It was fun. All of my best friends came together. I love Grandma Allen. Last Saturday, I went to the Renaissance Fair where people are dressed in costumes. It was a blast! They had shows, games, and shops. I saw people dressed as fairies, kings and queens, knights, and elves. This one elf was so hot with long hair and leather clothes :) ! Well, that's about it. Later!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chasing a Demonic Love

Chasing a Demonic Love

In a dream, I was walking in a lovely garden at night. The night was incredibly dark but I could see that the garden had beautiful, purple orchids. It was a purple haven that I could easily get lost in. The atmosphere was strangely quiet and surreal but serene. I also noticed that I was wearing a flowing, white dress that blew in the calm wind. Then, as I was walking, I heard a voice whisper, “Come and get me.”

I exclaimed in fear, “What? Who’s there?” I didn’t get a reply. The alluring voice just kept saying repeatedly, “Come and get me.” I followed the voice through the garden and to a labyrinth. I stood at the entrance of the labyrinth and I saw the person behind the voice. It was a young man with captivating eyes and a flirtatious smile. I could see his big, muscular, and shirtless body and I blushed, my heart pounding wildly. I suddenly wanted this stranger with every fiber of my being. He said to me in a playful but a sensual tone, “Come on, chase me.” He then disappeared deep into the labyrinth. My desire for him was too great and I stepped forward.

When I entered the labyrinth, my white dress turned black and the wind became ferocious. I began running. I ran left, I ran right, I ran around into dead end after dead end. No matter what I did, he was close enough to be seen but never close enough to touch. Was he good or evil? Did he really love me or was I only running into a trap? I didn’t know or care. This burning in my soul felt like an extreme hungry. I just had to touch something that seemed forbidden…I just had to have him.

After what seemed like hours of running, we were suddenly face to face. He passionately pulled me close to me and his eyes were intense. Feeling his warmth, I wrapped my arms around his neck. With my eyes closed, we kissed eagerly and his kiss was so intoxicating. I felt weak at the knees and lightheaded but I liked it. I wanted more. Then, he whispered, “You just can’t resist a demonic love, can’t you my dear?” I opened my eyes and I saw that his eyes were now red and his smile had jagged fangs. I tried to escape from his grip but he held me tightly. I screamed in utter horror and despair as he cackled wickedly and put a sack over my head. I then woke up with a quite start, breaking into a cold sweat, my body quivering with fright.

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2011

The song above inspired this story. It was fun to write on Friday night.