Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the Halloween Ball

the Halloween Ball  
By: Lena Holdman

As the town clock strikes midnight in the distance, the Halloween ball begins in a pitch black graveyard. Wild spirits scream and sing wickedly, jack-‘o-lanterns chuckle crazily, cackling witches and wizards wear outlandish, flowing robes that make them look like they are swirling on air, gruesome looking zombies with oozing, decaying faces groan hungrily, and vampires smile seductively, baring their sharp fangs. Grinning skeletons start the music and everyone does a funeral march-like waltz. One…two, one…two, one…two, one…two.

When the clock strikes three and when the moon turns red, an evil tradition then begins. The spirits chose a child in advance. They call to the innocent child; usually a girl with the purest heart and long, scarlet hair. With sing-song, playful voices, they call out: “Come little one, come.” Being in a deep trance, the girl gets out of bed and walks out into her own death.

The helpless girl enters the graveyard and they all surround her eagerly, their mouths watering. The wind howls frightfully and they creep closer…closer…closer. The girl always wakes up just in time for her scream and see shadows consuming her. Blood is drank, skin is pealed from the bone, and the soul is sacrificed to the unthinkable. Where’s her body? I don’t think that you want to know. She becomes another reckless spirit that is invited to the Halloween ball.

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2012

Happy Halloween! ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wonderland Camp, Fall 2012

Last weekend I went to Wonderland Camp and I had relaxing, fun time. I saw my friends: Kortney, Scott, Dustin, Colleen, Chris, Kayla S., Kayla W., Mary, Angie, Ashley, Toby, Alena, Austin, and Jason. On Friday night, we had a campfire. It was very chilly outside but it was nice. The beautiful stars were out and I was surrounded by great people. Toby told a funny “scary” story and we ate messy, delicious s’mores. Kortney and I loved it.

Saturday morning, we did crafts. First, we made scarecrow faces with popsicle sticks. My scarecrow face had three eyes and vampric fangs. Kayla W. smiled and said: “Well, everyone will know who made this one.” Then we painted pumpkins with Alena and Jason. I painted a monstrous face on mine. Hey, it’s Halloween time and it’s me. What do you expect? :)  After the pumpkins, we made paper ghosts. Everyone was making their ghosts with happy faces but I wanted to be different so I made one with a sad face. It made the other campers laugh. After crafts, I just relaxed in bed for a while.

Later that afternoon, the hayrides began. It was a brisk day but it was fun to hang out with friends. When it was finally my cabin’s turn, Scott went with us and sat by me. Kortney, Scott, Kayla S., Kayla W., and I were laughing and joking around as the hayride went around camp. It was so cool.

Later on after dinner, the dance began. I wore a black and purple, glittery shirt, my favorite pair of skinny jeans, and black shoes. The multicolored lights were spinning everywhere and the music was blasting. Scott taking me out of my wheelchair, I slow danced with him. When he does that, it’s beyond sweet. I love it! I also danced with Chris, Kayla, Dustin, and everyone else. I was dancing and singing the night away.

On Sunday, everyone was getting ready to go home. When Mom and Dad came to pick me up, Scott was goofing around and tried to hide me from them. It was funny. I hugged everyone goodbye and took some pictures. I hate saying bye to everybody but camp will always be there. I’ll always have memories to smile about and I’ll constantly have things to write about every summer and fall. I love Wonderland Camp!