Monday, August 18, 2014

Think Tink (August 2014)

As most of you know, I got sick at camp and had to come home early. It sucked big time! Then, after the embarrassment and disappointment of getting sick in front of everyone, I had to stay in the hospital for two nights. Three different doctors told me three different diagnoses but finally, they agreed that I had some weird stomach virus! I was poked like a pin cushion and was almost “probed” (I have another very graphic analogy for it but it’s inappropriate, lol). I had to deal with an agonizing, bloated, bubbling stomach. I also had to deal with the nurses, except for two, baby talking me and you know how I just love it when people treat me like I’m brainless. One of the doctors was cute at least. ;)

Yeah, it has been a rough couple of days but I’m going to shake it off, think Tink. The One Direction concert is next week and I’m going to have a blast! I still have fall camp to go to so I get to see my friends again. I’m better now and everything is awesome!!!  

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