Saturday, August 27, 2016

Just Another Update

The ridiculous fan video that you see above was made by me. This is what happens on a Friday night at midnight and when one is hyped up on candy corn and coffee, but hey, it was fun.  I'm such a fan-girl. πŸ™‚

Anyway, just fyi, one of my online classes starts Monday, August 29th. It's a history class. I'm excited. On September 10th, I'll start another (a poetry class). From then on, I'll be taking both classes at the same time, so if I don't blog or tweet a lot for a few months, don't worry. I'm alive, lol! I'll just be doing homework. I enjoy the online classes. They make me productive between writer's blocks and I love learning new things.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Schnucks Bans Solicitors

Shoppers entering Schnucks groceries will no longer see bubbly Girl Scouts hawking cookies or Salvation Army bell ringers seeking donations. All solicitors are being banned at Schnucks stores throughout the region, according to a new policy by the Maryland Heights-based chain that went into effect Monday. This is just sad. It's a Missouri tradition. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Let's relax. ✝️πŸ™‚☮️ 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Internet Issues

First, my Outlook account acted possessed😱 but I got it working by restarting my laptop. πŸ‘Œ Lol! Then, a complete stranger on my messenger asked me to strip on cam. I hit the block button so fast! πŸ™„ Why is it acceptable to be sexual online like that with someone that you don’t know? Just why? 

Do people ever watch SVU?! It doesn't end well for the victim or the sicko. 

Btw, Granny Annie, if you're reading this (and I know that you are), I'm not sad, or upset, or "reaching out for help". I'm sort of venting and embarrassing the creep for fun. πŸ˜› πŸ™ˆ 

Lena ❤️ πŸ˜‰

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Cat Appreciation Day!

There are many superstitions that surround cats but the most widespread myth is that for a black cat to cross a person’s path is an unlucky sign. Ironically, in the U.K., Australia, and some parts of North America, black cats are considered quite lucky. White cats are considered to be unlucky. These beliefs are just superstitions though. Cats are not evil. They're innocent animals. Be kind to them. Love all cats, no matter what color. 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm a Shane Dawson Fan-Girl (Just a Random, Silly Entry)

Okay, I realize that I've been posting a lot of Shane Dawson videos on Twitter, Facebook, etc., but I LOVE HIM! If he would ask me to marry him, I totally would! πŸ‘°πŸ» He’s funny, has a big heart, and loves Taco Bell. We’re meant to be! (and I sound like a stalker but I don’t care)…Don’t judge me, lol! πŸ˜„ Don't worry, once my 2 online classes start, my Youtube obsession will ease up.  πŸ™‚ 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wonderland Camp, August 2016

Last week, I had lots of fun at Wonderland Camp! I hung out with my friends: Brittany, Lexi, Becky, Emma, Ally, and Dustin. I also made new friends: Kate, Shelby, Anyssa, Kayla, and TT. My cabin was PHA. On Sunday, the fun begun. After dinner, I went on a golf cart ride with Dustin around camp. It was cool! I've always wanted to ride that thing and after all of these years, I finally asked! Later that evening, we had a pool party and a campfire. I went to the the splash pad with Brittany; laughing, relaxing, getting soaked, and beating the heat. Then, we ate gloriously sweet s'mores. 

On Monday, it rained a little in the morning so we had inside activities. Brittany painted my nails red and brown with glitter. They were very pretty. I also played 'carnival games' and won a cool looking pencil and a mini eraser. The weather cleared up that afternoon and we went to the splash pad until dinner time. For the evening activity, we went on a 'lion hunt' (the week's theme was Welcome to the Jungle). The 'lion hunt' was basically mini games around camp. It was cute.    

On Tuesday, we had archery. I got an arrow on the bulls eye and another on a box. Then, we had arts and crafts and we tie-dyed our camp shirts. I tie-dyed my shirt with dark purple and Peter Pan green. I liked it. After lunch, we went on the boat. I didn't fall asleep but it was so relaxing. Later, for evening activity, we had 'camp court'. The camp counselors had to follow certain silly rules all day like wearing lime green or not blinking. The campers had to decide if they were innocent or guilty of not following the rules (they're always found guilty, fyi). When they're found guilty, they have to do a challenge to get out of the "punishment". If they fail the challenge (and they always do, lol), the campers get to "punish" them by throwing ice water on their heads or pies in their faces. It's funny! 

Now, are you ready for a even more hilarious story? After the evening activity, Brittany, Kate, and I decided to go on a walk to the outside chapel before bed. We were talking and listening to music when Kate heard something moving in the woods. She exclaimed, "What was that?"  The three of us jumped but Brittany and I laughed it off. Then, as we continued walking down the path, we suddenly smelled a skunk. We all looked at each other and I was thinking, "Oh crap."  Brittany said, "No, no, no!" Then, without another thought, Brittany turned up the speed on my wheelchair and we ran back to our cabin, screaming like banshees. When we got in the door, we had a good laugh.    

On Wednesday, we had music. We danced with ribbons. It probably looked goofy but it was a blast. For rec, we hung out in our cabin and built a fort out of blankets. It was awesome. During rest time, I hung out with Brittany and Kate on the swing by the dinning hall. The swing ended up being where our cabin picture was taken that day. Then, Shelby and I went to the splash pad until talent show practice. Later that evening, the talent show finally began. I sang "The Vacation Song" by Shane Dawson. Yes, I actually sang a Shane Dawson song at Wonderland. It was bound to happen sooner or later (lol). The talent show was funny, exciting, and adorable. It was a good night. 

On Thursday, we shot bb guns. I didn't hit the target but it was fun. For nature, we made and decorated paper binoculars and looked around the tree house. I then hung out with Kate on our cabin's porch and listened to music until lunch. Then after rest time, Brittany and I chilled at the splash pad until beauty shop time. For beauty shop, Brittany spiked my hair into a Mohawk and put my blue eye shadow on me. For dinner time, our cabin had a special picnic only for us. It was neat. After we all got dressed up, the dance began. I wore my blue and purple top and my black pants and shoes. There were twinkling, colorful lights everywhere and the music boomed like a heartbeat. I danced with all of my friends, especially with Brittany and Lexi. Brittany even took me out of my wheelchair and slow danced with me, which was sweet. I also laughed and sang at the top of my lungs until I almost lost my voice. The night was amazing! 

On Friday, everything seemed bittersweet. I missed my parents but I didn't want to leave my friends. I was ready to sleep in my own room but it felt strange to see everything getting packed up.  Even though everyone hates Fridays, I still knew that it wasn't goodbye. I would back soon for more memories.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3 Youtubers That I Love, LOVE!

1. Shane Dawson. 
I've been watching him off and on since I was 19 but I really got into his videos this summer. He has a dry, offbeat sense of humor and I love it. Plus, he can act, direct, and sing. He just makes me so happy! Recently, he got into slight hot water for making a joke about BeyoncΓ©'s kid, Blue Ivy, which I think is just ridiculous. Making fun of himself and others is his shtick and the joke was mild. People just need to lighten up some! 

2. Mr. CreepyPasta. 
I've been watching him for 3 years now. He reads creepypastas (online urban legends) and scary stories. He's a good narrator. I'm surprised that he's not a voice actor on more audio books. 

3. Charlie Short, aka PinkStylist. 
I've been watching him for about 2 years now. He does scary make-up tutorials. It's so cool and he's funny!