Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dream, Dream, Dream

I had two awesome dreams on October 28th, 2016! The first dream was about me meeting Shane Dawson at his book signing. I was so excited! I said hi but I was shaking like a leaf. We hugged tightly. Then, he told me that he read my blog and that I was a talented writer. Suddenly, he invited me to come L.A. to write a short film with him. I said yes and to my utter shock, my parents just let me go without discussion. I stayed at his house in L.A. for a month. He took me to parties, where I met Joey Graceffa, Trevor Moran, and other Youtubers. I was even in some of Shane's videos with him. Every night, Shane and I then would write and edit until four in the morning. I cuddled with his dog Uno while I slept. Shane and I became best friends, e-mailing and direct messaging daily. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but it was an amazing dream. 

In the second dream, I was at my old high school for some odd reason. I was in a classroom, talking to my friend Kortney, when I suddenly felt a strange tingling in my arms and legs. Without warning, without reason, I just unfastened my seat belt, got out of my wheelchair, and kicked it away behind me.I could stand on my own and walk! I was grinning impishly as she stared. Kortney couldn't talk anymore due to extreme shock and I hugged her. I walked out of the classroom and as I walked happily down the hallway, people were cheering, clapping, high-fiving me, and crying. My parents and my sister all of sudden appeared and were sobbing out of complete happiness. I ran over to my mom as she laughed and cried and I bear-hugged her until I woke up. It was a remarkable dream!!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wonderland Camp, October 2016

Last weekend, I had a blast at Wonderland Camp! I saw my old friends: Cookie, Ann, Melissa, Tobi, Kate, Emma, Gianna, Dustin, and Mark. I also made new friends: Stephanie, Deb, and Krista. On Friday, we had a campfire, singing songs and ate gooey, delicious s'mores. Cookie and I had the s'mores, some of my vanilla Pepsi, then some warm, cinnamon-tasting apple cider (no wonder I was so hyper that night). It was fun.

On Saturday, we had arts and crafts in the morning. We painted pumpkins, made masks, and made Halloween decorations. We decorated paper tea light holders to be set out on the trail for the tractor ride that night. I drew the Blair Witch stick figures, clowns, and wrote creepy messages on mine like: Beware! Turn back!! We see you. I really got into it. Then, we shot BB guns with Dustin and did archery with Mark. Every time that I do archery, I always think of the Hunger Games. I feel like Katniss when I shoot arrows.   

My friends Kate and Emma came to visit me during lunchtime. I was excited to see them! Before lunch, Kate, Emma, and I went on a walk and listened to Shane Dawson (Kate knows me so well). 

After lunch, my cabin rode the boat. It was bumpy but relaxing. There was a lot of people on the water. I guess that people wanted to ride their boats before the weather changed. 

After the boat ride, we had an egg drop, which is when campers drop eggs on counselors' heads and try not to break the eggs. It's funny. On the way to the game room, I saw that Dustin left his walkie-talkie unattended and as a prank, while he wasn't looking, Krista and I hooked the walkie to my seat belt. It took him forty-five minutes, until dinner time for him to realize that it was gone and who took it. It was hilarious! Cookie and I couldn't stop laughing. 

Later that night, we put on our costumes. I dressed as Jack Skellington. First, we went trick-or-treating around camp (I always get in touch with my inner-child at camp). Then, we rode the tractor. After the tractor, we went through the camp haunted house. The jumpscares legitly spooked me this year. It was awesome. Once we left the haunted house, the dance began. There were spinning lights, a disco ball, even a fog machine. I danced with all of my friends and sang. It was an amazing night! 

Sunday went fast, too fast. We played Bingo and I don't usually play but I got bingo four times. Then, I hung out in the game room until my parents picked me up. The weekend was so much fun! Anytime that I go to camp, it's a funny adventure and I constantly have memories to replay in my mind.   

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clowns?!?! Really?!?!


Hey deranged clown, 
why are you just standing there?
Why are you just staring? 
With your demented smile, 
your chuckle from hell, 
are you waving at me still?! 

Hey demonic clown, 
why are you jumping at me, 
Chasing frightened children? 
Are you really Satan in make-up? 
Are there others? Is there a cult? 
Will we be able to escape? 

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2016 

This is a Halloween poem/a satire poem in response to the clown craze in the news. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Autism Speaks Walk 2016

Autism Speaks is an autism advocacy organization that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at families, governments, and the public. There will be an Autism Speaks walk tomorrow in Forrest Park in St. Louis, MO to raise money. My family and I will be participating in the walk to support my cousin Logan, who has autism. If you can't participate, please donate and/or support this awesome cause. Thank you.