Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wonderland Camp, October 2017

Last weekend, I had a blast at Wonderland Camp! On Friday, I saw my old friends: Cookie, Ann, Polly, Jan, and Shelby. I was so happy to see them. I also made new friends: Tasha and Molly. We were in the BHA (Brown Hall A) cabin. We just hung out outside until dinner time.There was a small hill in front of the cabin and I was speeding up and down it, tickling the inside of my stomach. 

After dinner, we had a campfire. We laughed and sang old camp songs. I have heard these songs so much over the years that I bet that I could sing them in my sleep, lol! 😄 It was fun. Then, we ate some gooey, exquisite s'mores. 😋 Cookie and I helped Ann clean up after the fire. Before bed, we sat on the porch and called our friend Dustin on Ann's phone. It was nice to talk to him.

On Saturday morning, we did arts and crafts. I drew on a paper pumpkin and decorated on it with stickers. Then, I just doodled some random stuff on paper. I'm not really crafty but I try at camp, lol! 😃 After crafts, we shot bb guns. Ann and I hit the target two times. It was cool. 

After lunch, we took a hayride down to the water front and rode the boat. I fell asleep off and on because it was so relaxing. It was windy and some of the boat ride was also bumpy. It was nice. Then, we watched the Disney Channel movie, Halloweentown in the dinning hall and ate some popcorn. We then decorated actual pumpkins with paint and markers. We also decorated trick-or-treat bags and I drew pictures of my favorite horror movies on mine.

After dinner, later that evening, we put on our costumes. Cookie, Ann, and I were all witches. My mom made Cookie and me matching wands. We took another hayride around the camp. Camp looks so beautiful and majestic at night. We even saw a deer. Then, we all lined up for the haunted house. Normally, I think that the camp's haunted house just has sugar-coated scares but this year, they legitimately made me jump out of my skin. Do you know about my acute fear of realistic dolls that move? Well, in the haunted house, there were dolls. 😲 There was a person in baby doll mask (I'm pretty sure that it was a counselor named Andi) banging on a door loudly. It made me jump but I didn't scream yet. Going further, I then saw a Chucky doll smiling at me. I let out a squeal and nearly jumped out of my chair, exclaiming: "Oh my God...crap!" Then, I started laughing at myself for being scared. Cookie was out of there as soon as she saw Chucky (I guess that I know who would survive a horror movie, lol 😆). It was funny and so much fun. They poured candy in our trick-or-treat bags at the exit.   

Then, the dance began. The music was booming and the lights were twinkling like stars. I danced with all of my friends and sang loudly. Cookie and I even chased each other and began to have a pretend, silly duel with our wands. It was an awesome night! 

On Sunday, my mom and dad picked me up. The whole weekend was so much fun and it was good to see my friends. The weekend went too fast but I know that I'll be back in the summer. Besides, there's still more Halloween fun to have this month at home. 🎃😉🦎

Sunday, October 8, 2017

the Creepy Side of Me (a Halloween Poem)


the Creepy Side of Me 

There's a dark, soulless, creepy side of me;
The side that no one gets to see. 
It comes out at midnight, 
when everyone is asleep. 
One of my eyes glow emerald green and another glows pumpkin-orange;
my lips becoming blood-red, 
my skin becoming as pale as the dead. 

I levitate above the streets, 
lurking around the neighborhood; 
stalking the innocent from their beds.

I then creep into the woods, 
dancing with the devil, 
letting myself be caressed by absolute evil.  

I drink virgin blood and cackle with a group of murderous witches, 
wielding a huge butcher knife. 
I'm becoming monstrous 
but I don't care or notice.

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2017 

This is just a Halloween poem 🎃 ...or is it? 😈 I hope that it crept you out. 😈 Hehe!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Why? 🖤

I woke up to the devastating news of the shootings in Las Vegas and all that I could ask was: Why? Why do people shoot each other? Why did he want to hurt innocent people? It's so sad. My thoughts and prayers go to the victims and the loved ones of the victims.🙏🏻🖤 Stop the hate and unnecessary violence. 



It's October, yay!! The month of pumpkin spice everything, horror movies, costumes, ghosts, and leaves. I'm excited! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Being Happy and Relaxed (Do Not Disturb 😜)

I'm planning to have a relaxing weekend. Today, Daddio made me chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream for breakfast. He also surprised me with some new Halloween solar panel bobbleheads (I like the clicking sound that they make). Simple things make me happy! 

My plan for tomorrow is simple: watching Law & Order: SVU all day. I know that it sounds very lazy but I don't care. I'll go downstairs and watch SVU to my heart's content. 

Sunday is the Holdman family reunion in the park. It'll be so, so, so hot and we'll wake up early but it's going to be fun. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bleeding Pages (a Poem)

Sometimes I make the pages bleed, 
My overwhelming feelings penetrating the paper, 
using my trusty pen;
With piercing words of sadness, angst, and happiness, 
revealing the vulnerability within me that is so deep. 

Sometimes my soul just scream onto the page, 
giving my mind relief and telling my darkest secrets, 
letting people know that I won't ever change. 

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2017 

This poem just popped into the head the other night when I was writing in my journal. The pages of my journal sometimes get abused lol. 😄

Fan-Girls Stick Together

I never thought that a Shane fan edit would be emotional but I got tears in my eyes when I first watched this 😢😍 (the video above ⇧). It’s so good. This edit was made a girl named Nicole. She's a mega Shane Dawson fan like me. I follow her on Twitter. Please follow her at @safetypinshane and give her some love. 😊😘