Monday, April 16, 2018

Just a Fun, Random Update

Hi Y'all,

I rewrote the chorus of Kelsea Ballerini's song Peter Pan just for fun. What I came up with fits my personality. 

Ballerini's version: 
You're just a lost boy with your head up in the clouds.
You're just a lost boy never keep your feet on the ground.
You're always gonna fly away just because you know you can,
You're never gonna learn there's no such place as Neverland,
You don't understand.
You'll never grow up,
You're never gonna be a man,
Peter Pan.

My version:
I'm just a lost girl with my head up in the clouds.
I'm just a lost girl, never keep my feet on the ground.

I'm always gonna fly away just because I know I can,
I'm never gonna learn there's no such place as Neverland.
I'll never grow up,
Never gonna need a man,
I'm Petra Pan.

I promise that original poetry and stories are coming soon. I just had to rewrite two chapters of my book this past weekend. I had a laptop glitch two Fridays ago. It froze before I could save my work and erased some of my recent work on my book. Yes, I was frustrated that night but hey, shit happens. 💩😄 It could have been worse. My entire book could have been erased and I would have been crying in bed right now, lol, but it wasn't (Thank God). It was only recent two chapters that I've been working on. It'll just be more writing, which I don't mind at all. I love writing! Besides, a writer has to pay their dues. 😀😜

Side note, if you looking for something good to watch on Youtube, watch and share this 3-part video series by Shane Dawson. It's hilarious and very sweet. ⇩⇩ It features Molly Burke, who is blind. Shane's new content is awesome! I'm so damn proud of him!! I also love Molly. She's so cool! She jokes about her blindness like I joke about my CP. I would hang out with her.


Anyway, my life is great. I'm just writing and rolling everyday 😉. I love y'all. Smooches and Think Tink!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

a Conspiracy or a Case of Obsession?

by: Lena Holdman and Cam Byrant

Hi Y'all, 

My friend Cami and I were in a conspiracy theory/gossip mood tonight and we have a weird, funny, slightly disturbing theory about Shane Dawson's ex-girlfriend (let's call her Ann). She's still obsessed with Shane and is still hellbent on getting him back. Shane dated "Ann" from 2011 to 2014. In 2015, he then came out as bi-sexual and "Ann" said that she still wanted to be friends. She said that she was going to be supportive but to us, she acted otherwise. In an interview in 2016, she said that she was still heartbroken and called herself his beard. What? His sexuality was not the reasoning for their break-up. Shane even said in his coming out video that they were just on different pages in life and he didn't want at all for people on the internet to think that he was using her as a beard. We think that she was bitter and just slashing out to make him feel bad. 

She also still lives in the same house that they shared while they were dating. Why? Does she believe that he's coming back to her someday? She constantly mentions that she dated Shane, her Youtube videos changed drastically to be the same as his, and she jumped into a new relationship super quick as well, as if she was trying to make him jealous (it didn't work of course). We think that she's overly involved in Shane's life too. She 'magically' became close to Garrett Watts (Shane's best friend and business partner) and hung out with Morgan Adams recently (Ryland Adams' sister).

It seems to us that she does not always respect Shane's wonderful boyfriend, Ryland Adams though. For example, she made a ridiculous comment one time, saying that Shane and her could've had a future if it wasn’t for Ryland. Plus, it definitely looks like she makes Ryland uncomfortable. When Shane joked about her being their surrogate, it seemed like he was completely against it and became slightly annoyed. She even flirts with Shane but he's innocently blind to it because he has a kind heart and just thinks that they're all friends playing around.

We also swear that Ann has a shrine of old pictures of Shane and her somewhere hidden in her house because of the way that she always reminisces about the days when they dated but there's no hard evidence of this shrine. It seemed like she was just waiting and daydreaming about Shane and Ryland breaking up as well after her own, latest relationship failed but again, no evidence. In conclusion, we believe that she still hasn't moved on after all of these years. It's creepy! She needs to stop dropping his name and leave him alone. Ann, girl, he's not coming back! He's happy and is in love with Ryland. 

Disclaimer: This is just for entertainment. These are just exaggerations, or facts with exaggerations added,and/or just our opinions. No harm or hate is meant. We love you Shane and "Ann". 

Smooches and think Tink!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Happy World Poetry Day!

Happy World Poetry Day! Poetry is a fun form of self-expression. When you write it, you can reveal your deepest thoughts. When you read it, you can view or feel things from someone else's perspective. 

Here's one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems: 

Now, here's an original poem that I wrote today: 

Let it Begin  
I'm staring at a blank computer screen 
with my cursor winking seductively at me, 
coaxing, daring me to begin. 
It only takes one word, one thought 
and my subconscious adventure can start. 

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2018

Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy 2nd Anniversary Shyland!

Happy 2nd anniversary to Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams! #Shyland is a beautiful, sweet, adorable Youtube fairy-tale that is unfolding in front of our eyes. 🌈💕I hope that when I fall in love, I'll love someone and be loved by someone like the way that Shane and Ryland love each other. 

I love you both and I'm so happy for you two! 

Always believe in fairy-tales and matter what age. 

Smooches and think Tink!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Confessions of a Stalker (a poem)

Confessions of a Stalker  
No, we're not family and we don't run with the same circle of friends 
but I'm constantly checking on you and follow everything that you do. 

You're my obsession, the sweetest medicine. 

No, you don't know my name
but if I'd go a day without hearing your voice, 
I'd go insane. 

I'm your number one fan, your pleading worshiper.
No one else can love you more. 

You're my everything. 

Here I am, 
watching you through your window, 


(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2018 

Poet Notes: This poem is from a fictional stalker's perspective. I got the idea from seeing all of the psychotic stans on Twitter and also, the poem popped in my head after hearing this song by Chloe Adams and Once Monsters (the video below ⇩ ). 

Smooches and think Tink! 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

One More Vote to Save Net Neutrality

The FCC vote to end the Net Neutrality protections that occurred on Dec. 14th can't remain. For some Americans, the internet is more than just entertainment. It's also a learning tool, a way to express themselves, a window to the world, a lifeline, a way to connect with loved ones and customers (for businesses big and small), and way to make new friends around the world. Not all Americans would be able to afford to pay ridiculous fees just to be online. I want an open, fast, and uncensored internet. The internet providers and cable companies say that they won't be doing anything to slow down speed or blocking any content but what's to stop them from doing so without the guidelines that net neutrality provided? Can we really trust them to not be blinded with their own greed? I urge congress to overturn the FFC's decision. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Please don't make gun violence commonplace
and make peace and our sense of security just an once upon a time in the history pages.

At first, I didn't want to write about the Florida shooting that happened yesterday because I felt like all the media was glorifying this tragedy too much but I have to say something. It's so devastating that seventeen high school students and teachers were killed. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. This is so messed up! We should do more. I won't discuss or debate about gun control laws and/or mental illness issues but I do think that the government should be a little more proactive with keeping people safe. Shootings like these shouldn't become so commonplace. 

Smooches and think Tink. 💋 Stay safe, love each other.