Sunday, July 22, 2018

the List of Crushes (a fan edit) 🎦

The video above is a fan edit that I made last night. It's a slideshow/a story/a list of people that I like such as Cole Sprouse as Jughead, Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid, Jeremy Sumpter, and of course, Shane Dawson. 


Smooches and think Tink!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Happy Birthday Shane Dawson!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Happy 30th birthday Shane! I hope that you have an awesome day. Thank you for always making me happy and entertaining me on the daily. 

Much Love From
Your #1 Fan, 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Wonderland Camp, June 2018

I had a blast at Wonderland Camp last week! It was "Pirates of the Sea" week and I was in the FHB cabin (Franklin Hall B). I saw my old friends: Kortney, Ann, Melissa, Dymon, Brittany, Bridy, Chris, and Cookie. I also made new friends: Megan, Jelica, Olivia, Kearstin, Maddie, Lindsay, Kathy, Drake, James, Ethan, and Parker. (If I forgot anyone else lol, sorry, I love ya). I was excited to see my friends and to start a new adventure.

On Sunday evening, we hung out around the campfire, singing goofy camp songs and eating delicious s'mores. I asked my s'more to have two marshmallows, making it extra sweet and gooey (hey, I was camp so I was treating myself). It was cute to watch the new counselors trying to sing the camp songs. Cookie and I were cracking up. We couldn't help it. Then, Kortney and I hung out on the porch of the cabin and listened to music on her phone. Parker even walked over to say goodnight to us. It was a great night. 

On Monday, we colored and drew pictures for most of the morning. I drew a creepy picture of Slender Man. I gave my picture to Cookie. I had to explain to her who Slender Man was but she still liked the picture. Then, in the afternoon, we had Art and Crafts. We tie-dyed our camp shirts and I tie-dyed my shirt purple, blue, and green. After Art, we sang karaoke with James in the chapel. I sang "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry. It was fun! Then, we got to climb the rock wall outside. As they slowly pulled me up, it felt like I was flying over the camp. It's always so cool! 
Later that evening, we got to make mini boats and race them. It was a good day.  

On Tuesday, it rained for most of the day. We all stayed in Miller Hall (the dinning hall). In the morning, we had "Beauty Shop" but we got to give Drake and Ethan make-overs. It was hilarious! Lindsay and I made Ethan look so silly with pigtails, bright eye shadow and lipstick, pink and black spray in his hair and beard. Everyone was laughing. Then, I made a few bracelets. 

After the bracelet making, it was still raining so Lindsay and I hung out by the window, watching the storm and reading my Archie comic. Later that evening, it was "Disney Night", where the camp's program staff dressed and acted like Disney characters, lip-synced to Disney songs, and signed autographs as the characters for the campers.  It was like a very low-budget DisneyWorld but it was so, so funny and adorable! I loved it.

On Wednesday morning, we had Music in the chapel. We ran/rolled through a "musical obstacle course". We had to run/roll on the a big, floor piano, go under a parachute, play an actual piano, beat on the drums, sing into a microphone, and end at the crash pad. James helped me through it and it was so much fun. Then, we went to Art and Crafts and made pirate hats. Kortney helped me make mine. 

Later in the afternoon, we rode the boat. I was dozing off and on because of the heat and relaxing waves. I was awake for a few minutes though. Drake (the lifeguard) and the boat driver did a skit, where they got into a 'sword fight', using pool noodles. The boat driver then pushed Drake into the water, as if he was making him walk the plank. I was laughing so hard! Then, later on that afternoon, we had talent show practice during Free-Flow (free time). In the evening, it was the talent show. I sang "Superluv" by Shane Dawson. 

Our cabin also did a group talent, dancing to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper.  
It was an awesome night. 

Thursday was amazing! In the morning, my friends, Brittany and Bridy surprised me and came to visit for the whole day.  

I was so excited! Brittany also gave me a big book of Archie comics and a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms. It was beyond awesome! We then went to archery. Brittany helped me and we kept missing the target but we finally got one on the bulls-eye. 

Then, for Rec, we got to paint counselors and ourselves. Blue paint covered Megan, Parker, Brittany, Bridy, and myself. Other campers had different colors of paint on themselves and their counselors. 

Our cabin then hopped into the splash pad with our clothes on. Brittany ran me through the cold water in a shower chair.  

The cool water felt good because it was extremely hot outside. It also looked like we were in a Kesha or Lady Gaga music video with water and colors running off of us and everyone dancing like goofballs in the water. After our watery fun, we had to go back to our cabin. We took showers and changed clothes. 

After lunch, my friend, Chris surprised Cookie and me and came to visit too. Later on that afternoon, we ran through a pirate obstacle course in the Rec field to get a flag. In the Miller Hall, we played 'Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate'. It's like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'. They blindfolded me and I tried to put the eye patch on the drawn pirate on the chalkboard. 

In the chapel, we had 'sword fights' with pool noodles. 

Then, at the water front, we looked for 'buried treasure', which was really some tiny trinkets, but I had fun. We then got to take a picture with a pirate. He looked exactly like Jack Sparrow and the Johnny Depp fan within me was giddy. 

When we got back from the water front and rolled down the ramp, there was a minor incident. My electric wheelchair suddenly couldn't turn and the left wheel was sticking. I was slightly irritated and everyone was asking me questions but I didn't panic. Brittany called my mom and Mom told her that it was no big deal. We just put it on manual and continued to have fun.

After dinner, Brittany and Bridy helped me get ready for the dance. 

I wore my lacy, purple blouse, my black pants, and my black shoes. Bridy helped me put on my make-up. I wore dark eye shadow, light blush, and red lipstick. Finally, the dance started. The music was booming. The lights were twinkling and the disco ball were spinning. I danced and sang with all of my friends. Kortney and Chris even took me out of my chair. 

The night was loud and amazing! 

On Friday, it was bittersweet. I didn't want to go home but I was ready to see my family. I got the Midnight Reader Award because I was always reading during rest time and before bed. I loved that week despite the heat. I love Kortney and Megan. I was so happy that Brittany and Bridy came to visit me and I love them too so much. Last week was full of memories and I can't wait to make more next time.

Smooches and think Tink!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Father's Day!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I love you Daddio! 

From Your Favorite "impairy."

Smooches and think Tink!!!

Just Feelin' So Good!

Hi Y'all,

For two days, gifs and mini videos wouldn't work but last night, I FIXED THE PROBLEM ON MY OWN! HELL YEAH! I learned how to update the Display driver and everything went back to normal. I was so proud of myself (I celebrate the small victories along with the big) but tonight, I feel good because I spent most of the day watching the Muppet Show (I have 3 seasons on DVD) , and then I had Pepsi, coffee, and Coffee Nut M&Ms! Now, I'm listening to music, practically dancing in my chair ♿🤘🏻 , lol. I'm a weirdo cause I can be!!! 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

Smooches and think Tink! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

the Femme Fatale Waltz (a poem)

the Femme Fatale Waltz  

There was once a femme fatale,
who was the daughter of an angel and the devil. 
Her hair, her lips; 
the color of blood. 
Her emerald eyes
made the heart go:
thud, thud...thud, thud...thud, thud. 
Once you were in her sights, 
you'd wish that you were dead. 

she looked so pure and doll-like, 
But inside, 
she was so cruel and demonic. 
She'd be in the center of a masquerade ball. 
The glamour, the champagne, the attention; 
She wanted it all.

She loved to dance,
She loved to waltz, 
seducing young men's souls; 
in her crimson gown, 
twirling, twirling, and twirling 'round, 
in perfect time.  

There was no escape. 
Once you fell under her spell, 
your soul belonged to her. 

You became one of her toys forevermore. 

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2018 

Music (video above) by: Derek & Brandon Fiechter 

Poet Notes: I wanted to write a poem in the rhythm of a waltz because of my recent fascination with masquerades. Did I succeed? I had so much fun writing it. 

Smooches and think Tink! 💋

Monday, June 11, 2018

Net Neutrality is Gone?!


Despite the senate win, the vote didn't go to the House of Representatives so the net neutrality repeal goes into effect today. Make your voices heard! Internet providers and cable companies could have all of the control now. Let's fight it! 

Here are some Missouri Reps. that supported this terrible decision: 

Raise your voice and think Tink!