Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pretentious Peril


In a time of pretentious peril, people are packed, piled away in a peculiar prison.
Their ruler says: “It is a way to keep you safe” but it’s really a way to make them slaves.
Circular, pitch black, cold, and underground,
there is enough fear to go around.
They aren’t allowed to come out, to see light until they lose their will to fight.

As the weeks pass by, Blood gushes, blood splashes.
Hunger and insanity is slowly making everyone become back-stabbers.
Death is spreading doom, dread, leading the damned into the devilish darkness.
Women weep, children screech,
for hope is getting more and more difficult to see. 

Saints become demons,
committing deeds so horrific.
Vegetarians become vampric,
lusting after murder;  
their souls being in complete torture.

A mother scolds her teenage daughter, telling her not to cry,
for crying is a sign of weakness, senselessness;
but the daughter cries in a corner anyway.
Emotion means her compassion hasn’t been taken away.
She refuses to be an empty shell;
She wants to be feeling everything in this hell. 

Only when people are on the verge of being zombies, their ruler will set them free.
The people will fall onto knees and obey.
The dead will then pray for living,
giving them back the drive to survive again.

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2012

On my online poetry class, we were studying alliteration (repeating first syllables) and assonance (repeating vowel sounds). I wrote this for my assignment. 

Security Blanket


Like a child with their security blanket, I tightly clung onto the sweet memories of you. You were my prince charming-like crush. I knew that you were the only one who wouldn’t ever hurt me so you became permanently imprinted in my mind. With a smile warmer than the summer sun, you were the happy thought that I always escaped to when reality became too overwhelming. Now, seeing you holding her, I realize that it’s time to let go of my security blanket and let you grow up. You’ll always have a special place in my heart but I’m moving on. I need to stop hiding in a fantasy that won’t come true just because of insecurity.  You’re my best friend now and I only want you to be happy. 

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2012 

I was remembering things while I was listening to an old play list.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the Light From Within

the Light From Within 

It was two-thirty A.M. and the world was asleep. Twenty-five-year-old Rosetta quietly got dressed and was now packing her bags hurriedly before her forty-eight-year-old fiancĂ© William woke up. Her parents tried to warn her a year ago that this relationship was going to end up destructive because of the tremendous age difference and his dominating character but there was no practical reasoning on Rosetta’s part. She just didn’t want to be alone. Even though he never raised a hand to her, she was his verbal punching bag. He was very insecure and made sure that she felt like she was less than him. He would say, “You’ll be nothing without me and you know it baby. You don’t need anyone else.”

He also wouldn’t let her out of his sight. He acted like bratty, selfish, little boy with a shiny, new toy. She was his only. He would say, “You’re always be mine baby…forever!” Those words always left her cold inside and out.

Rosetta never had the strength to leave him until she saw something enlightening the day before. She and William were relaxing on the freshly green grass of the park. William fell asleep on the blanket and she crept to the walking trail. Colorful flowers and tall trees surrounded her and being in the spring air, she was reminded of a less complicated time. When she was little, her dad used to tell her that fairies protect the trees in the park and if she would make a wish on a tree, the fairies would make it come true. She giggled at her childhood fantasies and in despite of herself, she wished aloud, “I wish that William would leave me alone.” Just then, something was moving about in the bushes and she heard a small yelp. She stepped back a bit in fear. A tiny creature then rolled from the bush and laid on its back. It just looked like some insect from afar but as Rosetta came closer to the thing, she saw the bruised but elegant face, the petite figure of a female, and the extraordinary, glittery wings.

“A fairy,” Rosetta uttered softly in amazement.

The young fairy had brunette hair and evergreen eyes like Rosetta, the fairy’s dress was green leaf which was now torn, and her beautiful face had bruises and scratches, and blood was gushing from her forehead and lip. The fairy was extremely injured and was moving slowly but it seemed like she was refusing to show tears. Rosetta was about to help the fairy when two male, older, muscular, fearsome fairies swooped down out of nowhere and pushed her off of her feet. With heartless smiles, the two males began to brutally kick, punch, and smack the female fairy, calling her “Weak!” When she tried to fight back, one of them would hold her down.

“No!” Rosetta cried out. She thought that the fairy was going die but then she saw the fairy’s face turn from agony to complete determination. The fairy punched the ground and with all of the strength she had, she yelled, “STOP!” Her tiny voice echoed through the trees, initiating a huge, booming explosion of glorious light from her soul.  Rosetta ducked in a ball to take cover but the light felt so warm and comforting to her. When the light finally evaporated, Rosetta saw that the two males were nothing but dust now and the female fairy was standing up. Despite her injuries, she smiled at Rosetta brightly and just flew away. Rosetta sat down on the ground in awe of what just happened.

“That little fairy defeated those jerks,” she mused, “all she had, besides magic, been a hell whole lot of courage.” This thought finally got her thinking. At the same moment she heard William bellowing her name. 

Now the clock was striking three and her bags were all packed. She took off the engagement ring and left it on the dresser. She was now standing at the door with a shaky hand on knob. She began to second guess herself. Will she able to handle being on her own? Was he right? Will she be a nobody without him? She then heard a tab on the window. She looked and it was the battered fairy. The fairy smiled warmly and nodded her head in encouragement. Rosetta suddenly envisioned the incredible explosion of light in her mind and confidently said, “This stops tonight.” She took a breath and turned the knob. With her head help up high, she inhaled the night air and marched out of the house, quickly stepping into her purple mustang. She threw her bags in the passenger seat and backed out of the driveway without another thought. William didn’t even notice that she was gone until the wheels squealed as she drove away. She never looked back ever since then. The fairy, whom Rosetta later learned was named Shaylee, followed her and became her fairy guardian. Rosetta finally found her happiness and she vowed to never let another man hold her down, for Shaylee had showed her every being has a light within them that can’t be ignored. With that light, no one is weak or alone. 

(c)Lena Holdman, all rights reserved 2012